Saturday, March 11, 2006

Dubai Ports World deal: War on terror or War on Stupidity?

I was aghast when I read today that, in the exalted name of anti-terrorism, the US Senate rebelled against its Republican leadership and joined the House to prevent DPW from investing in the US. (See the Washington Post story: Burning Allies - and ourselves)

This sends out a very strong message to the Muslim world - America is basically hostile to Arab investment, even if it is from a moderate, pro-business state like the UAE. This will further fan the flames of xenophobia and ignorance. Now that the US elected representatives have won a battle in the 'War against terror', maybe they can launch a war on stupidity on Capitol Hill. (In this case, President Bush was right in proposing to veto any such bill, but he got steamrolled by his own people.)

Coming on the heels of a detailed investigation of Lenovo's takeover of IBM's computer division, it leads one to think of a new type of trade barrier - national security.

Already, there are fears being openly expressed of the possibility of 'rogue code' embedded in a software application written by a disguised Al Qaeda terrorist working in an Indian software company. Could national security be invoked more strongly as the exports from India grow (of IT services, BPO, software) and do we face possible tariffs or bans? It is a scary thought.


Blogger snigdha said...

america's paranoia is perhaps larger than america. it's the white man's paranoia for all things non-white. look at what the europeans are doing to mittal. bias can indeed cloud the better judgement of the sanest human being. we've got so many examples in our own backyard.

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